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Imaris Part 2: 3D Visualization

3D Visualization of microscopy datasets with Bitplane Imaris.

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Ilastik Pixel Classification and Segmentation

Ilastik is a simple, user-friendly open source tool for interactive image...

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How to get to the SP8 of the ZMB @ Balgrist Campus

How to get to the SP8 of the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis @...

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Leica LASX Auto-Save and How to Handle the Resulting Files

This guide shows how to use the auto-save functionality in the Leica LAS X...

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Leica LAS X Navigator - Merge regular and irregular shapes

How to merge tile scans acquired with the Leica LAS X Navigator.

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SEM-Gemini 450: Part 2 - Image Acquisition

Brief summary of steps required to acquire and save a SEM image

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SEM-Gemini 450: Part 4 - Close Session

Brief explanation of how to take out the sample and close the system

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How to coat EM grids with thin carbon films using mica

Thin carbon films on electron microscopy grids...

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Talos - Standard Samples

Acquire tilesets in MAPs using Talos

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Start-up & Turn-off of High-pressure freezer

This tutorial describes the start-up and turn-off sequence of the...